DG Consultancy

DGM provides a wide range of services focused on customer needs where dangerous goods and hazardous materials are involved. DGM Consultants draft risk assessments and hazard analysis according to health, safety and hazardous materials regulations & and customers’ requirements.

Areas of consultancy and advice

  • Air (IATA-DGR)
  • Sea (IMDG)
  • Rail (RID)
  • Road (ADR)
  • 49 CFR
  • Multimodal
  • DGSA Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser
  • DG Audits
  • DG Management Systems Implementation
  • SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment Systems)
  • Hazard Risk Assessment
  • (M) SDS: (Material) Safety Data Sheet
  • Storage of Chemical Products
  • CLP and GHS
  • Emergency Response
  • Security

Memberships and Acknowledgements